Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Hybrid Cloud solutions from LITSG, LLC give businesses like yours the power to enjoy hardware, software and services with the pay-as-you-go benefits of cloud computing, along with the confidence of local IT support company.

What Is Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid cloud is a virtual structure of two or more clouds (either private or public) that remain unique entities but are tied together, offering the benefits of a variety of deployment models. Such composition expands the options for using for cloud services, allowing organizations to use public cloud computing resources to meet their temporary needs.

Hybrid Clouds combine the scalability and cost savings of large public cloud providers with the security, control and data privacy of your existing IT infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud Services from LITSG, LLC Bring You the Following Benefits:

  • Cloud-model Flexibility. Complete flexibility in adding or removing users as well as software applications means the solution and its cost structure will always be the right size for your organization.
  • Ease of Use. Eliminate the complexity of software licensing and renewals as the licenses are automatically included in your monthly service fee.
  • Network Security. With an on-premises computer server, you can keep your data on-site and under your control.
  • Remote and On-site Management. As LITSG, LLC pro-actively manages your business IT infrastructure, you can focus on building your business rather than worrying about computer problems.
  • Affordable. “Pay as you go, pay as you grow” model helps you to control your IT budget and accurately forecast ongoing expenses.

In summary, Hybrid Cloud from LITSG, LLC offers the best of both worlds: cloud-like flexibility of a subscription based model and, unlike a pure cloud solution, an on-site server keeps your data secure and lessens reliance on an internet connection.

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