System Center

Microsoft System Center 2012 is a well-rounded option that makes it easy for you to manage your IT, keeping stress down and business success up. System Center 2012 could offer your business the most cost effective and flexible platform for managing your traditional data centers, private and public clouds, and client computers and devices. Our expert consulting team will help determine if it’s the right solution for your company.

Microsoft System Center 2012 is a cloud and datacenter management solution that can:

  • Consolidate in-house and virtual models
  • Save you money
  • Provide sound Client Management & Security
  • Create a uniform and resilient system from existing assets for dynamic, self-service allocation across business units.
  • Deliver predictable application service levels with 360-degree monitoring, deep insight, and integrated developer operations.
  • Optimize applications’ use of datacenter, hoster, and Windows Azure capacity with low-friction migration.

With Microsoft System Center 2012 services from LITSG, LLC, we make it easier and faster to administer systems and maintain system compliance. Additionally we provides integration with Windows Intune to manage PCs and mobile devices, both from the cloud and on-premise, from a single administrative console.